Ford Racing And Roush Supercharge The 2015 Mustang

A few weeks back Ford Racing put out a video where they took a naturaly asperated '15 Mustang, an EcoBoost Mustang, and a V8 with a Supercharger to Milan Dragway to show off the aftermarket parts and how quick they were.

Now we know what Supercharger was under the hood of the 2015 Mustang that went 10.97 was this one co-developed and marketed by Roush and Ford Racing.  According to the video it makes 600 horsepower.

Our guess is that this is on a VERY concervitive tune up and more power can be had on pump gas, and when you switch it up to E85, we are guessing 750hp will be easily achived.

Note to Ford, why ISN'T the V8 or the EcoBoost Mustang Flex Fuel capeable.  Who DOESN'T likw 105 octane fuel out of the pump for 30¢ less than 87!


Reviewed 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid: A Must Drive Hybrid


When we drove the Ford Fusion for the first time 18+ months ago, we enjoyed it quite a bit and thought it one of the best cars in the family four door segment.
Now, we get a second take, however this time we will have a go in the Hybrid version.  How does it stack up against the best in class Honda Accord Hybrid?  That's what we find out on this episode of Rumblestrip.NET and Ten Minute Test Drive.




First Drive 2015 Lexus RC 350 & RCF 

Lexus brought us to upstate New York and the Monticello Motor Club to drive their new coupe, the LC350 and LCF.  Lexus has been on a bit of a roll lately, bringing out vehicles that are better styled and more enjoyable to drive.  Does this continue to the LC?  That's what we find out on this episode of Rumblestrip.NET and Ten Minute Test Drive.


Raw Video: 2015 Lexus RCF On Track At Monticello Motor Club 

As part of the launch of the 2015 Lexus RC 350, RC 350 F-Sport and RCF, we had the chance to drive on the Monticello Motor Club track in upstate New York.  
These were the only two laps we were able to get in as we were working on filming our review most of the rest of the time.  Since we only had one shot, we went with the 467 horsepower V8 RCF!


Reviewed 2014 Ford Transit Connect: The #unminivan 


It's been a very long time since Minivans were cool, however with Ford's take on the the Minivan with this new Transit Connect, they are trying to reverse the trend of bigger, heavier and more expensive.
This time on Rumblestrip.NET and Ten Minute Test Drive we look to see of the Ford can make the Minivan cool again, or, at least something that people will want to be seen in.