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1983 British 500GP

So I thought we'd have a little fun for a few minutes and take a look back at some of the glory days of the 500GP series, you know REAL GP bikes, TWO STROKES, not the fuel restricted diesels that DORNA has saddled us with.

Five interviews here before the race, and five very large names in the recent history of Grand Prix motorcycle roadracing.

First up, The King, Kenny Roberts in his last full year of racing, the championship this year went down to the final race.

Next KRSR rival for the championship and a man who would go on to be one of THE WORST color commentator in motorsports Freddie Spencer

Now to a man who was four times a runner up in the championship and would go on to be a member of one of THE BEST announcing teams in motorsports, Randy Mamola

Time for The Brits, first Rocket Ron Haslam

Finally a man who is/was a legend, Barry Sheene

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Reader Comments (2)

It's all good stuff but the Sheene part was legendary. I have underwear that hangs lower than those shorts he had on. Somebody's got to make some reproduction "Gary Nixon Enterprises" sleeveless shirts though. If I had one I'd never take it off.

December 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJohnny Live Fast

All of those are great, especially love the Kings because it's from his last year, and well because he's the King. Also love Sheene's because of his brutal honesty and the Nixon shirt. Speaking of which, they do have those gary Nixon shirts availible over at metroracing.com, those and a whole bunch more from the good ol days.

December 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterFrankie Jay

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