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Insight On The Honda Insight

Our friends Mark Charmer and Joe Simpson of The Movement Design Bureau have spent some significant time with the new Honda Insight.  They offer the European perspective on the whole hybrid movement.  Some really good thoughts here, and why I'm not alone on the island thinking that modern diesels are a far better solution than hybrids.


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Reader Comments (2)

It would do one well to remember that these blokes are speaking about fuel economy in British gallon units, not American gallons. The difference can be quite considerable. For example, the 50 mpg US equals about 60 mpg UK, which are larger by a factor of 1.2. Conversely, 50 mpg UK is only 41.6 mpg US. I say "only" in context with hybrids. BTW, I own 2 diesel cars, a 1982 Mercedes wagon and a 2000 VW Golf which is my daily driver. I get a regular 38 mpg US with lead foot driving (and a damaged turbo currently), but the old Benz is actually not great on fuel, consuming much more at about 22 mpg US. But I guess that was good in the day of 16 mpg US for gasoline cars.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTimothyPilgrim

Good point Tim, however my old Benz diesel, an 83 300SD, a real big body Benz, would get 27-28US MPG on the highway rolling about 75-80MPH.

May 16, 2009 | Registered CommenterRumblestrip

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