The Latest Audi Clean Diesel Commercial

My fellow RoundAboutShow panelist Zack Bowman posted this video on the ExhaustNote blog.  I can almost guarantee that thanks to lawyers and special interest groups, you won't see this on TV in the US because it will offend three people in a country of 300 Million!

Also in this era of "Green" where the politicians and leaders of Social Conscience who preach "green" fly in private aircraft and are driven around in SUV to all their speeches.  Also the same IDIOT'S prevent cars like this from being sold in the US at affordable prices  because they think technology that's not ready for primetime for 7-10 years is a better idea then technology available TODAY than can cut petrolium use in the US by 20+% in a very short period of time.

Anyway have a look at this very funny Audi commercial.