RoundAboutShow #22 The "From Bad To Worse" Episode

There's this car company--you may have heard of it--but it's having a really bad week, heck, couple of weeks. No, it's not one of the automakers crawling from the wreckage that is the smoldering city of Detroit. Actually, it's that one that all the magazines tell you is the sure buy. First things went bad for them, but lo and behold, they have gotten worse and worse. So, in solidarity we're going to stand by their side and bring you, dear listener, the 'From Bad to Worse' episode.

It was bad when the Pontiac Solstice was sent to the old folks home to retire, it's worse now that it's been bastardized as an ugly, ugly EV. And, when you attempt to right an overturned semi, remember to put the parking brake on. Speaking of out-of-control trucks, we smell a new anti-porn law coming to a state near you. Plus we've got another installment of In the Garage as Zach gets a turn behind the wheel of the Buick LaCrosse and it's everyone's favorite gameshow, The Price is CORRECT!

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