How To Properly Break In New Leathers

An early Two Wheel Tuesday to make up for none last week.  Thanks to Bradley Smith for posting this link in Twitter.

Eugene Laverty, with help from Johnny Rea and Scott Redding show you how to propperly break in those new set of leathers for the race season!


James May And The View From 70,000 Feet

This one has been kicking around for a few weeks and I've been meaning to run it.  It's not just the visuals, which are stunning, it's the raw emotions that you get from James that really sell this video.



2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

To hell with SUV's and executive sedans, THIS is what Porsche is all about, and why the tag line from the 80's still holds some truth today, "Porsche, there is NO substitution!"


Woodward Dream Cruise Thursday Night

We were up on Woodward for one of the warm up nights for the Dream Cruise, as Autoline After Hours was shoot an episode up there.  We even made it into the pre show show, but dummy me forgot to plug the site.  Thankfully on of the shows producers Ben put up a lower third graphic that had the site on it.  Thanks Ben!

Anyway we put together this montage of photos from the event, ENJOY!


Two Wheel Tuesday, People On Wheels

Jim Race posted the link to this on twitter over the weekend.  A day or two later David Emmett of also sent this to me.  I guess that was more than enough to tell me that this should be this weeks Two Wheel Tuesday post.

BTW look for David on the next episode of RumblestripRadio which should be out later this week.