Johnny Rock Page v Al Luddington 

You make the call, who's, well, less in the wrong.

Here is what happened on the track

Here is what happened after between Al and JRP


Mark Gardner's Riding Man

Mark Gardiner who you can read over at Road Racer X for his AGV Backmarker column, did something back in 2002 that many of us think about and dream about, but don't have the balls to to, go ride The Isle Of Man.  Mark wrote a book about it which you can buy at

Mark was just recently asked to come on to Jay Leno's web program, Jay Leno's Garage to talk about the book, have a look at that.


Ford Flex Follow Up

Back in March when we had the Ford Flex in for review, out major issue with it was it's lack of power, and stated at the time that the EcoBoost motor would probably answer that. Well, yesterday, we had a chance to try it out. Thanks to the Mark and Joe at the Movement Design Bureau we attended Ford's 2010 Model Year Event. There, we had an opportunity to drive the EcoBoost Flex on the high speed track at the Dearborn test track. Here is the video of that.


Five Days With The Ford Fusion Hybrid

When we drove the Fusion Hybrid back from DC, we liked the car very much as you can see from out earlier review, the question was how would it be on a day in and day out basis.  While five days isn't very long, driving it more surface streets, running errands and such gave us a clear view.  Have a look.


Ford Focus RS

Since this car was announced last year, enthusiasts all over the US have been clamoring for The Blue Oval to drop the achient, hideously styled Focus currently on sale in North America, and bring the current and award winning EU model over to replace it.  More so when the 305HP RS version was released.  You CAN get this car, kind of, the Volvo C30 and the new Mazda 3 are all built on this chassis, but non comes with this beast of a motor.  Top Gear got their hands on it for this weeks show!