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Autoline's LIVE coverage of the 2012 Washington D.C. Auto Show

Once again Autoline heads to Washington D.C. to get a take on what the lost and the clueless in our nations capital have to say about the auto industry.  Fear not, there will be a few people John McElroy will be talking with that don't need a map to find their backside with either hand.

Some of the people that John will be talking to are:

Margo Oge, EPA
Roland Hwang, NRDC
Jake Jones, Daimler
Phil Murtaugh, CODA
Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai



The show starts at Noon EST, so hang out and see what happens!

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Autoline Detroit LIVE At The Washington D.C. Auto Show

The Auto Show in the nations capital has become an important event in the last few years as automakers show off new products and new ideas in front of the law makers and lobiests who influence and make the rules and laws that effect the industry.

Some of the people who will be on the show today include:


President, North America

General Motors



Group VP, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering

Ford Motor Co.



President & CEO

VW of America


There will be others as well.  There will be a chat room for the show as well.  The show kicks off at NOON EST, and will run till 2:30-3PM.


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RoundAboutShow #23 The "Love-Hate" Episode

Is there more polarizing a holiday than Valentine's Day? If you're in a happy, stable relationship then you probably love it. On the other hand, you may be one of the legions who prefer to stay indoors with the windows shuttered, in which case you probably hate it. So, this week we bring you stories of automotive love and hate.

Turns out that despite raising the ire of environmentalists everywhere, the Suburban is the GM vehicle most loved by the youngsters. And, over time there are those noises and creaks in your car that you come to both despise and adore. One clever group of artists have composed a veritable love song made entirely from the noises of a Jeep. Plus we've got another installment of Meet Your Roadmates, this week the Dodge Edition, and we'll get a Chicago Auto Show wrap-up from our guest Colin Bird!

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Autoline LIVE In Washington DC

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RoundAboutShow #19 NAIAS Post Mortem

Well, the North American International Auto Show--otherwise known as the Detroit Auto Show--has made all the news it's going to make for this year. It was a rocky year for the Motor City, and in a way, it really showed at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The digs might have been better than last year (Chrysler was a series of unadorned cars on beige carpet in 2009), but the product reveals were notably less exciting. With the patient on the slab, we called in the best team of doctors we know ... our ... selves. Well, anyway, we're here with the official RoAb postmortem of NAIAS.

Is the new Cadillac XTS worthy of being the luxury brand's new flagship? Does the Volkswagen NCC bring anything new and exciting to the German marque? Will the Honda CR-Z finally be a hybrid that's fun to drive? We debate all these and more. Plus we've got another installment of our new Meet Your Roadmates segment, a Stupid Car Trick and the triumphant return of the long lost Psy-car-logy.

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