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RoundAboutShow #18 The Not What It Seem Episode

Things are not always what they seem. For instance, you might think this episode is nearly a week late. Wrong as usual, idiot. We were planning to do this episode a year from now, so technically it's early. Why are you so offended? Clearly you are unfamiliar with the word "idiot's" Greek roots. I was simply suggesting you were a private person unfamiliar with the vagaries of podcasting. Again, not what it seems.

So there you go. Houston, we have a theme. This week we've got the coolest 4x4 you never expected, a bevy of protests as the Detroit Auto Show gets going and a wrecked Yaris that is more functional than you'd think. Plus we've got some new fun and games this week including our Mystery Words of the Week, a new segment where we get to stereotype drivers and a couple of burnouts gone terribly wrong.

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Autoline LIVE AT THE NAIAS For Tuesday

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Autoline LIVE AT THE NAIAS For Monday

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Autoline After Hours Special Tuesday Edition

This week Autoline After Hours webcasts LIVE on a Special Day with Doug Fox, a Co-Chair of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  We come to you Tuesday at 7PM ET to get a preview of next week's NAIAS and an inside look at what's gone on behind the scenes as Detroit has prepared for this year's show amidst economic and bureaucratic turmoil. Joining in on the discussion will be Autoextremist Peter De Lorenzo and newcomer Steve Finlay, the editor of Ward's Dealer Business.

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RoundAboutShow #13 The "LA" Episode

We are already up to episode #13 and we talk about the things that did and didn't happen at the LA Auto Show, and the less than show in Miami of the Audi A8.

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