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RoundAboutShow #36 The "Psy-Car-Logy" Episode

“Why don’t you pull into my garage and tell me how that makes you feel?”  Join the RoundAbout crew this week for another wild, wacky and mildly off-putting episode of the most God-damn stupendous podcast ever.  This week we delve into the frightening inner workings of the human mind with the “Psy-Car-Logy” episode.  On the docket: those crazy Dutch make bizarre concessions to panic-stricken people taking their driving test.  “Isn’t that weird?”  A thief admits that stealing cars is a better high than meth.  Who knew?  And do airbags cause more harm than good?  All that and more, plus Volvo has an embarrassing mishap during a safety demonstration which we discuss in our “Stupid Car Trick” segment.  So skip your meds, restrain yourself or just do what the voices in your head have been whispering all along, listen to this week’s installment of RoundAbout, the “Psy-Car-Logy” episode, but don’t take my word for it.

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Featuring: Eric Trytko, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

RoundAbout records LIVE on Fridays at 6PM ET/3PM PT. Visit RoundAboutShow.com and click Watch Live to watch our webcast and look in on all the antics.


RoundAboutShow #34 The "Love" Episode

Pucker up for this week’s installment of RoundAbout, the “Love” episode.  Join the usual suspects PLUS Colin Bird of the Auto Bird Blog as they square off for a lively, and in this case, long-winded discussion about an array of automotive topics and news tidbits.  What are some of the signs the honeymoon is over with your new vehicle?  Listen in to find out.  Saudi Arabia loosens certain restrictions on men and women traveling together in the same car.  How salacious!  Going against the grain, one supplier company believes that manual transmissions will be making a comeback.  The ultimate automotive fanboy gets an unbelievably elaborate headstone modeled after an ultimate driving machine when he pulls into the big parking lot in the sky.  All that and more, plus we talk about the Cadillac CTS-V In The Garage and we look for a correlation between how fast men drive and the size of their exhaust pipes, if you catch my drift, with another edition of Psy-Car-logy.  Get some protection!  It’s time for RoundAbout # 34, the “Love” episode. 

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Featuring: Colin Bird, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Zach Bowman, Eric Trytko, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

RoundAbout records LIVE on Fridays at 6PM ET/3PM PT. Visit RoundAboutShow.com and click Watch Live to watch our webcast and look in on all the antics.


RoundAboutShow #27 The "St. Patrick's Day" Episode

It’s time for a taste of the Emerald Isle!  That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is just a few hours away, so raise a glass with the RoundAbout crew and toast everything green in this “magically delicious” episode.  From a one-of-a-kind Chip Foose-customized farm implement to a South Korean road that’s green in a different way, we’ve got all of our Irish bases covered.  Among a plethora of other topics, we also chat about Ford’s brand-new Paddy wagon and expound on the dangers of grooming yourself while driving.  But there’s a whole lot more than that, so you’d better listen up.  Where else will you find out what Michelle Naranjo loves about Riverdance and where Zach Bowman's hidden his pot-o-gold?

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Two For Two Wheel Tuesday

First off, very excited to hear that Brett McCormick is going to be racing in the US (I would have preferred to see him in BSB but rides were sparse there this year) and he'll once again be riding for Pascal Picotte on Suzuki's.  We will get to see him at Daytona, where he'll race the 200 and Superbikes.  Check out his new lid for Daytona! The work was done by Andre Roy of 66GraphX.com



Really well done lid!!  Good luck to Brett!!


Now some of you may have seen this on other sites, if not, this is mega cool.  Here is the valve train of the new BMW S1000RR spinning at 14,000 RPMS!!



Slideshow Day 2 North American International Auto Show