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Walkaround: 2011 Chevy Volt

There has been a lot of contriversy about the Chevy Volt, it is an electric car, is it a hybrid car, is it something inbetween.  Who cares, what it is, is brilliant!  We are in the middle of our week with the car, and we think it's a 5 Star kind of car.

We will have more in a few weeks, but what we want to do now is take your for a walkaround of the car and have a look at some of the features and highlights.  This video is a bit long, but it is very through.

Our thanks to Scott Vandekerckhove from ESI for helping us out and walking us through.


Chevy's New Hotness: ZL1 Camaro

The name ZL1 Camaro is one of the most reveried in the GM history books.  The COPO special was a hand assembled aluminum block 427, and only 69 were ever built.  It was in the day when horsepower ratings were done with a wink and a nod in conjunction with the NHRA to slot into different catagories in either Stock or Super Stock racing.

This time the ZL1 name is pulled out as a 550+ horsepower LSA engine is slotted under the hood.  The LSA engine is the same one that that powers the CTS-V series of cars, itself a slightly detuned version of the engine from the ZR1 Corvette.

This new ZL1 isn't just designed for the drag strip, it is built to carve corners and tear up road courses.  It comes with larger tires, a much larger brakes, short throw shifter, magnetic ride shocks, and a new limited slip rear end.

Pricing was not announced but we'd guess that this Camaro will come close to, if not surpass $50,000.



RoundAboutShow #24 The "Not So Fast" Episode

So, you're a crook in Hoboken with designs on a couple Land Rovers that don't belong to you? You think you have the perfect getaway planned, but not so fast. Those SUVs you've just stolen are probably driving about as fast as the Deja Vu Strippermobile down a crowded boulevard in Florida. But if you think that's the only place you're going to see a booty shaking out the back of a car, then you haven't met the pink lady of NASCAR. All that and more in this 'Not So Fast' edition of RoundAbout. Plus we're back with America's favorite gameshow The Price is CORRECT, Miss MotorMouth has a doozy of a tale about when Malibu meets a train (standing still), and we'll actually provide some useful car advice (what?!?) in our Tip of the Week! 

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RoundAboutShow #23 The "Love-Hate" Episode

Is there more polarizing a holiday than Valentine's Day? If you're in a happy, stable relationship then you probably love it. On the other hand, you may be one of the legions who prefer to stay indoors with the windows shuttered, in which case you probably hate it. So, this week we bring you stories of automotive love and hate.

Turns out that despite raising the ire of environmentalists everywhere, the Suburban is the GM vehicle most loved by the youngsters. And, over time there are those noises and creaks in your car that you come to both despise and adore. One clever group of artists have composed a veritable love song made entirely from the noises of a Jeep. Plus we've got another installment of Meet Your Roadmates, this week the Dodge Edition, and we'll get a Chicago Auto Show wrap-up from our guest Colin Bird!

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2010 NAIAS Wrap Up