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First Drive 2012 Ford Focus

We had the chance to head out to Los Angeles to drive the new 2012 Ford Focus in this hills and canyons of Malibu and the surrounding area.  Ford is looking to completely take over the c-segment section of the market from Honda, Toyota and others.  Chevy and Hyundai have new competitors in this market as well with the new Cruze and the Elantra which should keep everyone on their toes.

Have a look at our first impressions of the Focus and some pictures as well.  Provided the Snowmageden coming later in the week doesn't postpone it, we shoud be getting a chance to drive the Elantra later in this week as well, should make for a nice back to back comparison.




Autoline After Hours Tonight with Chantel Lenard, Ford

Tonight we welcome Chantel Lenard, Ford's Group Marketing Manager for Global Small and Midsize Cars. We'll be asking her about the challenges ahead as the Ford Fiesta launches this summer. For instance, what will the company be doing to train its dealers, and how can it prevent the Focus from cannibalizing Fiesta sales? Also, how do cars have to be marketed differently around the globe? Of course we'll also get into the news of the week including the ousting of Susan Docherty as GM's head of marketing. Plus, we'll find out what Mr. De Lorenzo thinks about Chevy's new tagline. And, our analysis of April sales indicates Chrysler could be on the way back up, but not everyone agrees. John McElroy's in studio with Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, as well as David Welch from BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News.

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RoundAboutShow #33 The "Life After Death" Episode

This week on RoundAbout the gang dives into a selection of spooky and macabre news stories in the “Life After Death” episode.  A Puerto Rican motorcyclist gets a creepy sendoff atop his beloved two-wheeled machine.  Chrysler tries to resuscitate its moribund Sebring with a last-minute name change, but little does the company know, the Grim Reaper cannot be cheated.  “Dr. Death’s” vintage Volkswagen van goes up for sale, but some people (cough – eBay – cough) have no sense of humor.  In the Garage is devoted to the 2011 Ford Fiesta now that the embargo has finally lifted.  All that and more, plus we break ground with a brand-new segment called Unsolicited Advice where we help people in the market for a new – or not so new – vehicle find the one that’s best for them.  Just like $0.10 wing night at your favorite dive bar you do not want to miss out on this week’s exhilarating installment of RoundAbout, the "Life After Death" episode. 

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Featuring: Jessica Gottlieb, Jack Baruth, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Zach Bowman, Eric Trytko, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders



Driven (By Friends Of The Site) 2011 Ford Fiesta

Last week Ford invited a number of journalists out to San Francisco for the introduction, finally of the 2011 Fiesta.  While we didn't get an invite friends of ours, Michelle Naranjo (aka MissMotorMouth) and Jack Baruth did make the trip.

Here is their video of their driving impressions of Ford's new B segment car.


RoundAboutShow #27 The "St. Patrick's Day" Episode

It’s time for a taste of the Emerald Isle!  That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is just a few hours away, so raise a glass with the RoundAbout crew and toast everything green in this “magically delicious” episode.  From a one-of-a-kind Chip Foose-customized farm implement to a South Korean road that’s green in a different way, we’ve got all of our Irish bases covered.  Among a plethora of other topics, we also chat about Ford’s brand-new Paddy wagon and expound on the dangers of grooming yourself while driving.  But there’s a whole lot more than that, so you’d better listen up.  Where else will you find out what Michelle Naranjo loves about Riverdance and where Zach Bowman's hidden his pot-o-gold?

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