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RoundAboutShow #21 The "Drunk" Episode

Every week like brand-new 21-year-olds we hit up the clubs and dive bars of the internet to celebrate our freedom.  Before blacking out in a stranger’s rose bushes, we might find a few interesting things to talk about, or even a cohesive, Zen-like theme.  On the road to incapacitation we’ll ride in a Sidecar through Manhattan to grab a Long Island Iced Tea.  But we’ll have to watch out for Irish Car Bombs, relations between Black Russians and White Russians have been on the rocks.  If we can dodge the hail of 9 mms and avoid ending up like JFK, we might be able to get some Old Fashioned advice from Three Wise Men.  Thank GOD birthdays – and podcasts – only come once in a Blue Moon.  What starts out like Sex on the Beach, ends like an apocalypse with Four Horsemen.

It's like they say, you only turn 21 once, so join us as we celebrate with a bad decision or two. A New Hampshire woman racks up three DWIs in one week. Australian scientists come up with fabric technology that will resist vomit smell. And, we wake up next to an Iranian diesel and wonder what else we did last night. Plus we've got another installment of AutoGadget and Zach Bowman finally gets back into the press fleet with In the Garage.

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Autoline After Hours with ME!!!!

The Autoline crew is back from the Washington Auto Show just in time for another great discussion on Autoline After Hours. We'll be talking about all the big news of the week: Ford's huge profits, Toyota's giant recall and Big Ed Whitacre's takeover as permanent CEO of General Motors. This week we're joined by our friend, Eric Trytko, the blogger and podcaster behind the website Rumblestrip.net. We'll also be joined by David Welch of BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News and Mr. Autoextremist himself, Peter De Lorenzo.

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Driven 2010 Hyundai Tucson


RoundAboutShow #19 NAIAS Post Mortem

Well, the North American International Auto Show--otherwise known as the Detroit Auto Show--has made all the news it's going to make for this year. It was a rocky year for the Motor City, and in a way, it really showed at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The digs might have been better than last year (Chrysler was a series of unadorned cars on beige carpet in 2009), but the product reveals were notably less exciting. With the patient on the slab, we called in the best team of doctors we know ... our ... selves. Well, anyway, we're here with the official RoAb postmortem of NAIAS.

Is the new Cadillac XTS worthy of being the luxury brand's new flagship? Does the Volkswagen NCC bring anything new and exciting to the German marque? Will the Honda CR-Z finally be a hybrid that's fun to drive? We debate all these and more. Plus we've got another installment of our new Meet Your Roadmates segment, a Stupid Car Trick and the triumphant return of the long lost Psy-car-logy.

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RoundAboutShow #18 The Not What It Seem Episode

Things are not always what they seem. For instance, you might think this episode is nearly a week late. Wrong as usual, idiot. We were planning to do this episode a year from now, so technically it's early. Why are you so offended? Clearly you are unfamiliar with the word "idiot's" Greek roots. I was simply suggesting you were a private person unfamiliar with the vagaries of podcasting. Again, not what it seems.

So there you go. Houston, we have a theme. This week we've got the coolest 4x4 you never expected, a bevy of protests as the Detroit Auto Show gets going and a wrecked Yaris that is more functional than you'd think. Plus we've got some new fun and games this week including our Mystery Words of the Week, a new segment where we get to stereotype drivers and a couple of burnouts gone terribly wrong.

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