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RoundAboutShow #28 The "Pet" Episode

Well, Jesse James' Cinnabun has been lost and found (again). Turns out it was a red-letter week for pets and automobiles, and so we bring you the 'Pet' episode. A cat lady is fined thousands for keeping a herd of unsanitary creatures in her car. An ambitious dog mauls a couple of Crown Vics, tearing off the bumper and biting through the tires of one of them. An '88 Scirocco even gets the Pet-Project treatment when it's modified, Mr. Fusion-style, to run off old coffee grounds. All that and more, plus we get a Stupid Car Trick double-header featuring out of control semis, Meet Your Roadmates returns with a Misunderstood Classics edition, and the ever-educational Tip of the Week is here again.

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RoundAboutShow #15 The Holiday Wishlist

Every week we hit-up the discount travel sites in search of the cheapest airfare around. During the hunt, we find a wide range of ticket prices and airlines, and maybe even a cohesive, Zen-like theme. All we want is to make it home for the holidays, and find a few off-putting news bites to fit the theme, but our flight was canceled due to bad weather and we’re stuck in the Minneapolis airport eating stale Cinnabons and sleeping on the floor. Meanwhile, visions of Spykers and Audis dance in our heads.

This week, with a few short buying days left in the holiday season, our esteemed panel assembles its holiday wishlist. Eric yearns for a Tag Heuer watch. Zach has a soft spot for an NSX. Craig asks that we donate to the Focus Fund. And Ben just wants a way to operate his iPhone's GPS without freezing his fingers off. Plus, ourBlind Spot story, the Lincoln MKT is In the Garage and an atrociously styled G6 inthis week's Highway Hearsay.

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