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Autoline LIVE AT THE NAIAS For Tuesday

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Autoline LIVE AT THE NAIAS For Monday

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2011 Ford Focus

There are a number of us here in the US who have been very envious of our friends in the EU who have the current generation Focus and especially the sporty ST version and then there is the VERY tasty RS version that gearheads in the US have been drooling over since it debuted.

While the ST/RS versions aren't being announced at the NAIAS, they will be coming soon with the 250HP EcoBoost 4 Banger that will be announced, maybe at this show.  This is a mid life refresh, so what that means is that the basic car is the same with some fresh body work, a new interior and some refreshed/refined suspension.  What we will get in the US is a two liter direct injection I-4 with 150HP.  A 6 speed manual or a 6 speed DSG will be available.

The MyFord evolution of the SYNC system will be available with a Sony stereo system that was shown off last week at CES in Las Vegas.

The US, Russia and China get a version with a trunk, and thankfully the US will also get the 5 door which was STUNNING in person when we saw it at an embargoed event last month.  The interior is very well done.  Many people agreed with me that the interior of the Focus was more impressive that the Lincoln MKX that was also shown that day.

Have a look at a couple pictures and read through the press releases.

Focus Overview

Focus MyFord


Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

And so it begins, the relentless onslaught of pre North American International Auto Show press releases.  Stevie Wonder saw this one coming.

The important bits:

556 Horsepower 551 Ft/Lbs Torque Supercharged 6.2liter V8

6 Speed MANUAL Tremec TR6060 available (Let the huzzah's rain down!)

Magnetic ride control

Brembo brakes

Available Summer 2010

Mostly though Caddy are looking to show Europe THIS!

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