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An Interview With Jean Jennings of Automobile Magazine

Much like yesterday we are featuring an extended interview that Mark Charmer and Joe Simpson of the Movement Bureau conducted on their recent trip here to the US.

Mark and Joe spent about 25 minutes talking with Jean Jennings the Editor of Automobile Magazine about a variety of topics from the design of car interiors to how cars of the future will be utilized.  This is a longer interview, but well worth the watch.


Something For Earth Day

I'll be up front an honest here, most of this "green movement" is bogus!  There I said it.  I don't want to be the way out wacko guy here, but take a minute and look at the people pushing the hardest for this agenda, they are looking to profit greatly either through investments they have in companies, or in gaining political power.

That said there are some good and common sense things that everyone can do to reduce needless waste.  Ford has been doing something about this for a few years now with the "Living Roof" on the Rouge Truck plant.  Mark and Joe from Re*Move (who I had beers with last night and I have to say are some really great people) put this video together on a trip to visit with Ford.  Have a look.