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US F1 The Epilogue

What a great way to end the series!!  This IS going out on a high note!


More US-F1 Fun

Our friends from  Midweek Motorsport are back at it again with days five and six!!  Remember to head over to their website, they for the live show every Wednesday at 8pm UK & 3pm EST


The Ascari Circuit & Resort

I was reminded in watching Jeremy Clarkson's new DVD Duel this week (it very much worth watching by the way) of the place that I want move to when I win the lottery.  Check out the Ascari Circuit & Resort.


Official Top Gear America D.O.A.

In a stop in Sydney Australia for a Top Gear Live appearance, Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that Top Gear America would not be going forward.  It is a pretty good clip with some of the usual stuff you'd expect from Clarkson and Hammond.

I'm torn about this.  In some ways I'm sad that we won't have our own version of the show, in other ways, I'm happy because the chances of the show not being totally screwed up for America TV were pretty slim.

Anyway, enjoy this.